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Wellington Russian Embassy! Rename 57 Messines Rd Alexey Navalny Rd Petition

Putin again threatened the world, including New Zealand, with nuclear weapons yesterday. Frankly, we are tired of Vladimir Putin’s constant nuclear rhetoric. Unless the Russian Ambassador is summoned to discuss and address these threats, we are considering issuing threats to the Russian Ambassador and Embassy in direct response to draw attention to the situation in the media.

We unintentionally threatened the Russian Ambassador and the Embassy in Wellington when the Ukraine war began, resulting in a complaint from the Russians citing the Geneva Convention and the safety of Russian Embassy staff in New Zealand. We received a verbal warning and a visit from the police in February 2022.

We are now considering using email threats against the Russian Embassy and the Ambassador in Wellington, if the Russian threats persist and the Ambassador is not summoned to address them.

The next threats would be made intentionally so that when the Russians complain, we would be arrested to draw media attention to the issue. We prefer not to resort to such drastic measures and urge you to summon the Ambassador to address the nuclear threats.

As the New Zealand Foreign Minister, it is your responsibility to summon the Russian Ambassador and address these nuclear threats. New Zealanders feel threatened by these Russian threats, and our inaction in summoning the Russians is unacceptable. These nuclear threats can not be ignored or normalised any longer.

Please advise if the Russian Ambassador will be summoned so we can plan our next step. We will not remain inactive if the Russians are not summoned.

We also have started a new petition trying to get enough support to rename 57 Messines Rd Wellington to Alexey Navalny Rd in honour of Alexey Navalny death. https://chng.it/WLzNW2CGCn as well as a petition to expel the Russian Ambassador from New Zealand. https://chng.it/sdLwrnNwMZ

Please Winston, it is time to summon the Russian Ambassador!

Glory to Ukraine!

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good people to do nothing. So, don’t be inactive,” – Alexei Navalny


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