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Taxpayers’ Union celebrates slashing of housing red tape in Wellington

Reacting to today’s vote on the District Plan and the recommendations of the Independent Housing Panel, Taxpayers’ Union Campaigns Manager, Connor Molloy, said:

“Housing, like any market, is a simply a matter of demand and supply but unfortunately red tape and regulation has effectively made it illegal to build an affordable house in this country. Changes to zoning rules and the shrinking of character areas will allow more houses to be built in Wellington and in time will stabilise or reduce house prices and rents.

“Too often people see problems and immediately call on the government or council to step in and create more rules and regulations without realising it was interventionism that created these problems in the first place. It is good to see some recognition that if the council and government get out of the way, many of these problems will fix themselves.

“The decision to delist a number of heritage buildings, at the request of the owners, is also a victory for private property rights. We urge Chris Bishop to confirm this decision and allow owners to use their properties as they wish, rather than be forced to run them into the ground until they are unlovable and unproductive.”


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