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‘Small Wellington businesses punished by swipe at drivers for no gain’

Wellington Mayor Tory Whanau has proposed scrapping car parking spots on Cuba Street with misguided claims it will reduce emissions. This will reduce parking revenue by $200,000, plus damage already struggling local businesses.

Commenting on this, Taxpayers’ Union Policy and Public Affairs Manager, James Ross, said:

“Whanau wants to scrap car parking spots despite the fact this won’t lead to a single gram of reduced carbon emissions. Under the ETS, any reduction in transport emissions here simply frees up more carbon credits to be used by other emitters.

“This lack of basic understanding shows why Wellington is falling apart at the seams. At every turn, the council seem to make life harder for residents and drive away trade from local businesses.

“It’s easy for Whanau to say income can’t be the priority when, thanks to ratepayers, hers is safe. It’s the income of hardworking Wellingtonians already drowning in red tape that is on the line.”


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