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Reopening of Marsden Point Oil Refinery to be investigated as part of fuel security study – NZ First

We announced today that we are investigating the feasibility of reopening the Marsden Point Oil Refinery as part of our coalition commitment.

During the campaign we pledged to investigate reopening it – now we’re delivering on that pledge.

Until its closure in 2022 by the previous Labour Government, Marsden Point was New Zealand’s only refinery. The closure not only robbed Northland of a major employer, but it also put New Zealand’s fuel security at risk. It was responsible for producing the majority of our jet fuel, all shipping fuel oil and more than half of our diesel.

Winston Peters asked Shane Jones in the House today: “How long without pipeline supply and in the event of a tanker disruption, how long will

this country be in terms of days before we reach an absolute and total crisis?”

Shane Jones replied with a shocking revelation: “I am advised that it’s between 17 and 21 days. The situation has grossly worsened by the

closure of our refinery, reflective of the shallow thinking behind that decision maker.”

It’s outrageous that we have surrendered our nation’s fuel sovereignty for no logical reason.

We will establish a fuel security plan to safeguard New Zealand’s transport, logistics and emergency services from any domestic or international disruption.

A significant and sustained disruption to our engine fuels would cripple our industries and put New Zealanders in hardship. That’s why we are commissioning this study into New Zealand’s fuel security requirements.

We cannot mistake environmental protection with climate activism and New Zealand First will bring balance and pragmatism if we are to improve the future of our country.

We campaigned on investigating the reopening of Marsden Point.We included it in our coalition agreement which was released on 24 November 2023.

And now we’ve started work on that critical piece of work.

We will continue to champion economic growth in our regions, to ensure New Zealand is a self-reliant and prosperous nation for all New Zealanders.


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