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‘New Conservatives still have much to contribute to the political environment’

We may be happy there is a new government, but that won’t mean we can take our foot off the pedal. There are many issues in society that need our strong support. New Conservatives still have much to contribute to the political environment.

Two weeks ago, I was asked to speak at Parliament grounds on the ever-growing issues in our schools. The rally went well, even with a small group protesting us. There was a decent police presence to ensure that we could all speak. After the event, I engaged with the protestors because it is crucial to bring a calm voice to our differences – even though we agreed to disagree, I believe the attempt to converse was received well by one or two. I hope to continue building a platform where we can communicate and better understand one another.

VOICES FOR CHILDREN RALLY. We are at Parliament today to protect our tamariki & mokopuna. 🖤🤍❤️ – YouTube

The culture wars and growing pressure groups in our communities mean that the left block will continue to gather and grow to be in a better position for 2026, and so must we.

It is not only our government we must be a watchdog over; the United Nations has been dangerously suggesting that some rights are more important than others, so I will be keeping abreast of those concerns over the coming months so that in NZ, we will stand firmly for all our rights to be equally represented. New Conservative has a place, and I can assure you that I will remain steadfastly committed in whatever capacity I am required for the next election and beyond.

As we continue, I am thankful that we still will have alternative media, such as Reality Check Radio, who interviewed me again last week HELEN HOUGHTON: An Update On Gender Education And Affirming Action Happening In Schools – Reality Check Radio and the Platform, will ensure the things that matter will be published and talked about unlike the mainstream media with their political agenda to keep any more minor party that has influence, gaining more visibility than the media want.

For our paid-up members, you will receive an invitation to the upcoming AGM on 2 December, which we will host online. I will see you then. To all our members and supporters, we will be asking for your valuable support for the next cycle. Think about how you can get involved. There will be nomination papers for the board soon as the three board members remaining after the AGM will seek new skilled people to join us. Those who know you have something to offer and want to start building early in 2024, don’t hesitate; we want a strong team for the next cycle.

Have a super weekend and enjoy some sun and fresh air; I know I will.


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