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Increased US military visits pressure to join AUKUS?

“New Zealanders should be concerned that the increase in US military aircraft visits to Wellington are part of US pressure on New Zealand to join AUKUS, the new military alliance between Australia, US and the United Kingdom that is aimed at China,” said Kevin Hackwell of Stop AUKUS.

“A very large USA Air Force plane is once again sitting at Wellington airport. This is a different aircraft from the one that arrived only a week ago, and in the last two weeks there has also been a US Coast Guard plane”.

“Why has the US military started to fly in and out of Wellington week after week? We call on the Minister of Defence Judith Collins to divulge all upcoming meetings with US military and state department officials for discussion of AUKUS and military spending.”

“The US wants New Zealand in AUKUS. It wants NZ to boost our weapons spending, and it is pushing very hard on the National Party and the National-led government to join AUKUS.”

“AUKUS has no benefits for New Zealand but plenty of risks.”

“Australia’s membership of AUKUS has seen it commit to spending an extra $300 billion on nuclear powered attack submarines that will operate in the South China Sea.”

“The US and Australia are pushing for NZ to increase its military spending. This is happening at a time when the government says it can’t afford to buy new ferries, maintain benefit levels, build new schools, hospitals and houses.”

“New Zealand’s reputation has long been as a nuclear-free country interested in peace and multilateral engagement. Joining up with the US and adopting an aggressive military strategy against our largest trading partner will take us in a very dangerous direction.”

“We don’t want war – and we don’t want to assist the US in starting more wars.”