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Greens’ threat straight out of Trump’s playbook

Greens’ threat straight out of Trump’s playbook The Taxpayers’ Union is slamming Green Party co-leader James Shaw’s extraordinary threat to investors in regional and national projects of significance under the proposed new fast-tracking consent process announced by the Government earlier today.

1News are reporting: Any companies taking advantage of the fast-track process would be exposed to scrutiny “next time there is a change of Government,” said Shaw.

This could include loss of the consent without compensation.

Taxpayers’ Union spokesman Jordan Williams is slamming the comments as economic sabotage:

“Threatening utu – and deliberately undermining regulatory stability and compensation for loss is nothing less than economic sabotage. Shaw knows full well that his comments will send chills down the back of the very people we need to be investing in New Zealand to build infrastructure and green investments.

“Shaw is supposed to be the reasonable end of the Green Party. For him to make threats like this is straight out of the Trump playbook and puts New Zealand’s interests second to his own seeking of a very expensive headline.

“We too have concerns about the Government’s approach. But the opposition can fight a law without resorting to economic vandalism. James Shaw should be ashamed.”


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