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Government tackling poor classroom behaviour – Erica Stanford

A report published by the Education Review Office today shows behaviour in New Zealand classrooms is among the worst in the OECD and action is needed, Minister of Education Erica Stanford says.

“The coalition Government is taking action to turn around deteriorating behaviour in schools and lift achievement.

“Improving student behaviour is critical to lifting achievement and ensuring every student receives a world-class education.

“Having a world class education system is important for children and their futures and is essential for long-term economic growth.

“The Government is already actioning two of the recommendations suggested by ERO to improve student behaviour – banning cell phones in classrooms and looking how it improve teacher training.”

The report noted that 51 per cent of teachers said device use reduced the ability to concentrate and may be one of the causes of worsening behaviour.

“We want students to focus on learning and achieving and getting rid of cell phones in classrooms is one of the best ways to do this.

“Today’s report tells an important story of what is happening in schools and importantly it tells us some of the changes we have introduced will work.

“One of the recommendations I am particularly interested in is the need for a national approach to behaviour in schools to prevent, notice, and respond to challenging behaviours effectively.

“Making sure every child, no matter where they live in New Zealand, receives a world class education is a priority for this coalition Government and is a key component of our Better Public Services approach.”

In total the report makes 16 recommendations, including better training for teachers, a national approach to behaviour and having clear guidance for schools on having effective consequences for poor behaviour.

“I will be following up with the Ministry of Education on how we progress these at speed.”


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