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Government must not continue Labour legacy of special treatment for DJs – NZTU

The Taxpayers’ Union is welcoming the investigation into the Department of Internal Affairs after it was revealed that the Department’s Chief Executive personally reached out to expedite a DJs passport application.

Taxpayers’ Union Campaigns Manager, Connor Molloy, said:

“No one can forget the irrational and unfair treatment during the COVID-19 pandemic that saw DJs being prioritised ahead of ICU nurses for MIQ spots, the Government must come down hard on the officials involved to send a message that it is unacceptable to treat taxpayers differently based on who they know.

“In 2022, David Seymour rightly criticised the Government for having ‘one rule for DJs and another for everyone else’, his Government must send a clear message that special privileges will not be tolerated.

“All taxpayers deserve a right to efficient and cost effective services. Allowing some people to jump the queue disrespects all taxpayers who fund the service and deserve to be treated on an equal playing field.”


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