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Fast-Track Approvals Bill a threat to animal welfare, environment, and democratic integrity

SAFE is urgently calling on the Environment Committee to reject the Government’s Fast-Track Approvals Bill, and is urging New Zealanders to rally behind the call.

The proposed Bill, currently under consideration with the Environment select committee, has sparked widespread concern among environmentalists, indigenous advocates, and animal welfare organisations.

SAFE Campaigns Manager, Emma Brodie, says while purportedly aimed at streamlining processes, the Fast-Track Approvals Bill undermines democratic participation and hands unbridled power to a select few Ministers.

“This concentration of power stifles proper consultation with the public, experts, and Tangata Whenua, thereby steamrolling critical environmental and animal welfare considerations in the decision-making process.”

SAFE is particularly concerned about the expedited approval process for fish farms, marine consents, winter grazing operations, and intensive dairy farming developments without adequate scrutiny to ensure the health and welfare of animals are prioritised.

“The consequences of such legislation are dire. The current state of dairy farming in Aotearoa is already on a dangerous trajectory marked by unsafe drinking water, unswimmable waterways, and widespread animal suffering,” says Brodie.

“The further intensification of dairy production facilitated by this Bill would only exacerbate these issues, posing significant threats to animals, our fragile natural environment, and the health of rural communities.”

“As it stands, the Fast-Track Approvals Bill removes the mandate for adequate public consultation, raising serious concerns about the erosion of democratic participation.” 


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