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DOC must conserve taxpayer money – New Zealand Taxpayers’ Union

Responding to claims from the Department of Conservation (DoC) that they are ‘spread too thin’ and are unable to perform their functions, Taxpayers’ Union Campaigns Manager, Connor Molloy, said:

“The only reason DoC is spread too thin is because they are spreading their resources across an ever-growing backroom bureaucracy rather than on delivering improved conservation outcomes.

“Since 2017, DoC’s headcount has grown by a staggering 28.2%, including an additional 134 managers and at least 319 other additional staff in back-office roles.

“This is also the same department that spent almost $12,000 on a funeral for a turtle and more than $5000 on retirement gifts for its former director-general. This wasteful expenditure could have instead purchased almost 600 rat traps, DoC’s priorities clearly aren’t getting value for money from the conservation spend.

“DoC must be forced to look at their own bloat and wasteful spending before calling on taxpayers to pour even more money into its bureaucracy.”


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