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Concerns raised: Misuse of Police wellness funds demands audit – Hatikvah Blue Hope Foundation

Immediate Audit Required on Misallocation of Police Wellness Funds – Alert to Ministers Mark Mitchell and Matt Doocey

The Hatikvah Blue Hope Foundation is urgently calling for a thorough and verified audit of how public funds designated for police wellness through ACC third-party providers are being utilised.

This demand stems from increasing evidence that resources crucial for mental health support for frontline police are being improperly allocated, pointing to significant systemic failures.

Blue Hope has raised concerns with Police Minister Mark Mitchell and ACC Minister Matt Doocey, highlighting the distressing situation of a police worker. Recommended to incorporate exercise as a vital part of their mental health regimen, they were denied necessary support by third-party providers due to cost considerations.

This lack of support resulted in two tragic incidents where the individual’s situation worsened, incurring unnecessary and substantial costs to the public.

Such cases underscore a profound neglect for the welfare of our police workers and a mismanagement of funds intended for their support.

“We have informed the ministers about three severe incidents involving serving police workers within just one month last year, underscoring a serious issue,” said Allister Rose, Managing Director of the Foundation.

The Foundation is questioning the value of the current oversight and transparency of the funds managed by ACC third-party providers, which are supposed to ensure the wellness of police workers.

“The evident misallocation and potential misuse of these crucial funds, especially when the demand for accessible and comprehensive mental health support within the police service is so critical, is alarming,” Rose added.

“We are advocating for an exhaustive and transparent audit into the financial and operational practices of ACC third-party providers concerning police wellness funds.”

“This audit is essential to examine how the funds are allocated, used, and their effectiveness in supporting the health and safety of police workers, ensuring that public resources are being applied where they are most needed.”

The Foundation urges all involved parties, including government agencies and the ministries overseeing police and ACC, to address these significant concerns swiftly.

Our collective duty is to ensure a transparent, accountable, and effective use of public funds, genuinely reflecting our commitment to the well-being and safety of those who serve to protect us.