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Brand Over Budget: Hastings Council’s $70,000 Logo Splurge – NZTU

The Taxpayers’ Union can reveal that the Hastings District Council has spent over $70,000 on its recent rebranding initiative. A staggering $46,512 was allocated to “Strategy & Creative” for the logo’s design and development, with an additional $19,850 for signage guidelines development.

“It’s both startling and disheartening to witness such a significant portion of ratepayer money-equivalent to 24 years’ worth of the average residential ratepayer’s rates in Hastings -being used on mere branding,” said Oliver Bryan, Investigations Coordinator at the Taxpayers’ Union. “This comes as the average residential ratepayers’ rates have gone up by 7% in the past year.”

“Councils are not corporations competing for market share. They are service providers funded by ratepayers. This kind of extravagant spending on branding starkly deviates from their primary responsibilities. It’s high time councils prioritize tangible community benefits over transient branding exercises, particularly during times when pressing challenges, like cyclone recovery, loom large.”

“In an era where every dollar counts and communities confront genuine challenges, it’s crucial for local councils to demonstrate fiscal responsibility.”


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