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$72m and nothing to show for it! – Ruth Money

The ‘Prevention of Family and Sexual Violence’ Strategy in New Zealand is with the government group now named Te Puna Aonui. (also known as the Joint Venture Business Unit, and Te Aorerekura)

In the last five years they have spent $72.235 million.

There is nothing to show for it. It has failed.

The rate of family and sexual violence continues unabated, with the numbers increasing and the levels of violence getting worse.

That $72.235 million equates to $14 million for every person in this country.

Annually that is $2.77 million for every person for one year.

And absolutely NO DROP in the rate of family and sexual violence anywhere.

No community has had any benefit from that spending.


The answer is simple. Te Puna Aonui (and its name changes) have the false belief that an ‘all of government’ approach will create a program that will reduce family and sexual violence within 25 years.

The exact opposite is what is needed.

A ‘whole of community’ campaign.

Where a reduction in violence is seen within months.

By far the worst factor has to be the 165 family violent murders over this period and Te Puna Aonui have done nothing to save a single one.

This waste of money and disregard for life, has to stop.

Had a portion of that money been spent in communities with proper guidance and counselling with both victims and perpetrators so that all those affected by the abuse could be helped, and inclusive established programs to prevent the violence before it happened, then by now, we would have the lowest rate of family and sexual violence in the world.

The Expenditure

You can check these figures yourself by the on-line publication of the

Annual Reports and Financial Statements of Ministry of Justice and Te Puna Aonui. It will take you 15 minutes.

2022/23 $19.666 (000)

2021/22 $12.463 (000)

2020/21 $9.280 (000)

2019/20 $14.434 (000)

2018/19 $15.753 (000)

Total $72.235 (000)

This figure does not include 2015, when Bill English and Amy Adams launched the JBVU, nor years 2016 and 2017.

All of Government verses All of Community.

Had the same amount been spent on the All of Community method,

then every person would be in their own home to their satisfaction.

We would have no housing crisis.

Every person would have access to medical care. We could afford Doctors and Nurses.

Our Health System would be coping.

Every child would have an education to the standards that they could achieve. No school lunch program needed anymore. No such thing as ‘child poverty’.

Our Education would be world class again.

Every person could have employment that suited them. Every person would have the choice on their dependence.

There would be no unemployment benefits, no MSD payments.

And money still left over.

REMINDER – Every person, adult and child, would have received a total of $13.893,000 over that 5 year period.


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