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“While children die from lack of food, their parents are killed trying to get it for them” – Save the Children

As children in Gaza die due to a lack of food, their parents are being killed trying to get it for them, Save the Children said, after at least 104 people were reported killed and 760 injured while queueing for flour in Gaza.

Jason Lee, Country Director for Save the Children in the occupied Palestinian territory, said: ” The reports emerging are beyond horrific. A queue for lifesaving food became a line-up for death. While children are dying from lack of food, their parents are dying trying to get it. There must be an immediate, impartial investigation into what has happened, and there must be actions taken to ensure adherence to international humanitarian law. Civilians cannot be denied life-saving assistance, or killed trying to get help.

“Children and families have been forced to take desperate measures to survive Now ,while waiting to get what they can to keep their families alive, people are killed and injured – with nowhere to go for effective medical treatment as health facilities have been decimated after nearly five months of bombardment. We need a definitive ceasefire immediately.”


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