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‘Urgent call for improved animal transport legislations following tragic accident’

The tragic accident Monday 12 February, near Lepperton, Taranaki, involving a PTL Transport truck carrying steers going to slaughter, has sparked a call for urgent change by the Animal Justice Party NZ (AJP). This devastating accident, resulting in multiple casualties and deaths, highlights the pressing need for improved regulations surrounding animal transport.

“This tragic event in Taranaki highlights the critical necessity for enhanced regulations regarding animal transport,” states Danette Wereta, media spokesperson, AJP. “Witnesses, including members of Taranaki Animal Save, have described the scene as reminiscent of a horror movie, with animals enduring immense pain and distress, and some animals being shot by a vet to put them out of their misery.” Eyewitness accounts also reveal a distressing lack of consideration for the welfare of the animals by those involved in responding to the accident. AJP emphasises the importance of a compassionate response that prioritises the welfare of animals in situations such as this.

A recent international study evaluating animal transport regulations across several countries, including New Zealand, identified significant shortcomings in ensuring the well-being of transported animals. Stock truck accidents are relatively frequent; another tragedy occurred just four days earlier, with over 50 lambs dead.

These accidents serve as undeniable evidence of the necessity for immediate reform in animal transport legislation. AJP is urging policy-makers to take decisive action to address these deficiencies and implement policy changes that prioritise the welfare of animals during transportation.

It’s crucial to recognise that the root cause of these transport-related tragedies lies in our reliance on animal farming and exploitation; by transitioning to plant-based alternatives, we can collectively contribute to preventing such incidents in the future.


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