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Unreported-in-Aotearoa-mainstream-media but will be protested by thousands of New Zealanders across the country tomorrow

Amid unreported-in-Aotearoa media stories of horrific bombings killing dozens of Palestinians in a “heinous massacre” in central Gaza and UN reports of sexual assault allegations against Palestinian women and children by Israeli military forces, New Zealanders will be protesting, rallying and marching again tomorrow in 22 centres up and down the country.

Meanwhile so much of the Israeli propaganda which is driving the massive assault on the Palestinians of Gaza has been unravelling quickly but this is not being reported to the public in western countries such as New Zealand.

Allegations such as beheaded babies, horrendous sexual assault claims and allegations of UNRWA involvement in the October 7th attack have all unravelled but New Zealanders are none the wiser.

The internationally reported claims that pro-Palestine protestors chanted “Gas the Jews” outside the Sydney Opera house after October 7th have been shown to be the rubbish they always were. But despite the initial claims being widely reported by New Zealand media, we are not aware of any corrections, apologies or reporting of the truth to New Zealanders.

The New Zealand media has been as complicit as the media across the western world in amplifying Israeli lies and racist propaganda while sidelining Palestinian viewpoints.

The protests this week continue to demand our government:

  • Condemn the Israeli slaughter and ethnic cleansing of Palestinians
  • No attack on Rafah
  • Reinstate funding for the UN Relief and Works Agency for Palestinians
  • Call for an immediate and permanent ceasefire in Gaza
  • Withdraw from the war on Yemen
  • Close the Israeli Embassy

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