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Sydney celebrity baker blown away by life changing Taylor Swift effect on her business

Gabriela Oporto, celebrity baker and founder of Bakealicious, the cake store that Taylor Swift ordered a cake from during her Sydney tour.

Gabriela says: ” We saw a 160% increase in sales when we delivered the cakes to the stadium and a 164% increase the second week.

Since I started the business in 2017 in my rented apartment in Wollstonecraft – at many times I thought; “I just don’t know if I’m doing the right thing, is this ever going to work?!”. But you just have to push through, have faith, work hard and persevere no matter what. I mean there are no guarantees in life!

But this is exactly why I have realised now – I’ve hit a point where I can actually feel that people appreciate my work, product and quality – dreams do come true! But there needs to be grit, and loads of it!”

Swifties and customers loved the flavour and texture of the Eras cake. Gabriela has had so many requests for a larger size so Bakealicious now sells an 8 inch that feeds 12-14 people.

Gabriela had to hire extra staff to help with the demand for the Taylor Swift Eras cake as well as other cakes.

Bakealicious’s socials have been flooded with DMs asking her how the whole experience of delivering cakes to Taylor Swift was and with fans asking for special Eras cakes and Taylor Swift cupcakes.

Gabriela says: “Oh it has been a wonderful/crazy ride! Lots of new challenges and amazing opportunities have come my way. I couldn’t be more grateful!”

The Bakealicious Eras cake will be available as a limited edition cake until the 31st of March 2024.


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