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Stats NZ announces review of the CPI basket – Stats NZ

The consumers price index (CPI) basket of goods and services used to measure inflation will be updated in April 2025, Stats NZ said today.

The CPI represents inflation experienced by New Zealand households. To measure the CPI, Stats NZ collects thousands of prices and use weights from a hypothetical ‘basket of goods and services’ that represent what New Zealand households purchase.

The CPI basket and weights are regularly reviewed to ensure the items in the basket accurately reflect what New Zealand households are currently purchasing.

“Updating the CPI basket will ensure that headline CPI accurately reflects the inflation New Zealanders are experiencing,” economic and environmental insights general manager Jason Attewell said.

“This is especially important during a time of high inflation as higher prices can lead to households buying different items, or changing how much they spend on things like rent, food, and luxury items.”

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