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Stage two lighting project begins – Nelson City Council

After sunset, the Railway Reserve no longer relies on the light from the moon as stage one of the lighting project (St Vincent Street to Beatson Road) was completed in June.

Stage two of the Railway Reserve lighting project is set to commence this week to illuminate the stretch from Quarantine Road to the upper end of Beatson Road.

“This is all about improving the safety and extending the usage of Nelson’s key cycle and walkways,” says Nelson Mayor Nick Smith. “We are New Zealand’s most active region, with more of us exercising than any other region and these investments improve our facilities to enable more walking, running and cycling.”

“A lot of the stage two section is already lit by streetlights as it runs alongside Whakatū Drive and Waimea Road,” says Alec Louverdis, Group Manager Infrastructure. “But now the sections that run behind trees and further away from the road will also be lit.”

The cycleway, which spans several kilometres through the heart of our city, has always been a popular spot for commuting and recreation.

Most of the lights along this section will be the same as those used in stage one.

“The section that runs through Jenkins Road will be illuminated by light bollards,” Louverdis says. “Lights used in other sections, standing at a height of six metres, would spill light into neighbouring houses, so Council has opted for three-metre-high light bollards.”

Solar lights will be trialed alongside the playground on Quarantine Road. “In areas that may pose challenges, we aim to install solar lighting. The open space along Quarantine Road is a small area and gets good sun, making it an excellent candidate for a trial.”

The lighting used throughout the rest of stage two will consist of low-emission LEDs that comply with regulations to minimise light pollution.

Mayor Smith confesses to a personal interest as this section is a part of his running and cycling route.

Mayor Nick is particularly delighted with this next phase of Railway Reserve lighting, between Beatson Road and Quarantine Road.

“I confess to having a personal interest in this, given it’s in my neighborhood and part of my running route. I’m thrilled that Council plans to extend the lighting all the way to Saxton Road by next winter.”

A budget of $210,000 has been allocated for this stage two section of the lighting, from a mix of Government and Council funding.

This lighting project is not just about functionality; it’s about creating a better user experience for those who use the Railway Reserve at all times of the year.


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