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Speak Up for Women condemn vandalism of rainbow pedestrian crossings – SUFW

Speak Up for Women (SUFW), an advocacy group dedicated to advancing women and girls’ sex-based rights, strongly condemn the recent acts of vandalism targeting the rainbow pedestrian crossings in Gisborne and Auckland. These cowardly and senseless acts not only deface public property but also undermine the values of tolerance and diversity that our society should strive to uphold.

SUFW have always supported lesbian and gay rights and we support the rights of trans-identifying people to live their lives free from harassment. Our fight is against gender ideology, an anti-science, anti-biology belief system that has imposed and embedded itself through our public institutions, especially the health and education sectors.

Although the rainbow flag has recently been cynically co opted by local authorities, corporates and institutions, the rainbow remains a cherished and powerful symbol of LGB / same-sex attraction rights.

SUFW stand in solidarity with same-sex attracted people and condemn all efforts to erode LGB rights, whether this comes from socially conservative religious homophobes or sex denying gender activists.


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