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South Dunedin Future Expo: play, learn and shape the future – Dunedin City Council

The South Dunedin Future Expo, a two-day event exploring different approaches and innovative ideas for the future of the area is about to hit town.

The free, all-ages event will be held at the Edgar Centre (upstairs) on Saturday, March 2nd and Sunday, March 3rd, from 10am to 4pm.

The Expo will give people the chance to get creative, have some fun and help shape a safer and better future. South Dunedin Future is a joint programme of the Dunedin City Council and Otago Regional Council to develop a climate change adaptation strategy for the area.

South Dunedin Future Programme Manager, Jonathan Rowe says the Expo is about capturing the spirit of South Dunedin and working together to build a future that’s safe, sustainable, and filled with opportunity.

This week South Dunedin households are receiving a new flyer called ‘What can we do?’ that explains the long-list of 16 approaches we could use to adapt the area, the next step to creating an adaptation plan. The flyer is being delivered to the letterboxes of about 7,000 homes and businesses in the Flat area of South Dunedin.

We have also launched an online survey (link below) to gather feedback on the 16 approaches. The survey includes a digital map for people to put pins on the most important places for them so we can make sure these are factored into the adaptation planning.

Mr Rowe says he hopes everyone, young and old, whether from South Dunedin or across the city, will come along or complete the survey online.

“We have been working hard to develop 16 approaches to address flooding and climate change and we need your voice and thoughts to help us refine these ideas,” he said.

“There will be interactive displays and feedback zones, fun activities for all ages, a colouring in competition for kids, and a Flood Challenge game.

The I love South Dunedin colouring in form can be downloaded from our website now and coloured in at home and dropped down for judging at the Expo. There will be prizes!

“There are also workshops covering topics like [details] and our specialists will be there to talk about some of our ideas, like floodable parks that double as water storage, new planning rules and upgraded drainage”.

If people can’t make the Expo, they can still get involved at other community events in March:

South Dunedin Street Festival: Saturday, March 16th, King Edward Street

Moana Nui Festival: Saturday, March 23rd, Forsyth Barr Stadium

As the project progresses there will also be other opportunities to get involved.

“The ideas we’re sharing now are just an initial long list,” Mr Rowe says.

“Over the next two years we need to work together to narrow it down and figure out what will work best in which parts of South Dunedin.

“There won’t be a quick fix. We’ll need a mix of big and small ideas, and actions over many years. But it can be done. And if we do it right, South Dunedin can be a space with less flooding, better housing, and great parks and beaches, a rich culture and celebrated history – a place we can be even more proud of.”


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