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Slow march for life: Port Chalmers, Dunedin – Climate Liberation Aotearoa

Climate Liberation Aotearoa supporters will today Slow March along George Street, Port Chalmers to greet the passengers from Noordam and Pacific Explorer.

“We are marching for life” says spokesperson Jen Olsen.

“We invite all people concerned about climate breakdown to join us. This moment is pivotal. The new government is full steam ahead with their war on nature including plans to roll back climate policy such as the ban on new oil and gas exploration and the fast track bill which will prioritise projects such as roads, mining, and aquaculture. It could even include projects previously rejected by the Environment Court on the basis that they were far too harmful to have any place in Aotearoa.”

Climate Liberation Aotearoa supporters demand that local and national government include international shipping and aviation emissions in their emissions reduction plans. We are also calling on the Climate Change Commission to include this in their recommendations to government in November.

Most cruise ships sail with cheap heavy oil, which is particularly toxic and harmful to the environment. Furthermore, many cruise ships use outdated technology to treat sewage before discharging it into the sea, resulting in significant amounts of faecal bacteria, heavy metals, and nutrients entering the open water, with negative impacts on ecosystems. There have also been reports of cruise ships throwing waste overboard.

Today’s Slow March comes with a special call out to the people of Ōtepoti to join them in further upcoming action. “It’s now or never,” said Olsen. “Either we are actively in resistance, on the side of life, or we are complicit with a government that is aiding and abetting disastrous climate breakdown and immense suffering. It’s time to organise, and together build a fairer, safer world.

“We refuse to let our new government lead us passively towards catastrophic climate breakdown. We choose life.”


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