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Safer Speeds around Selwyn Schools and Intersections are one step closer

Safer speeds around Selwyn schools and high-risk intersections are one step closer this week, after Selwyn District Councillors moved to approve an Interim Speed Management Plan.

The Plan is aimed at introducing a variable 30km/h speed limit around schools, during peak times when children are arriving and leaving school, as well as reducing approaching speeds to dangerous intersections across the district.

The Plan is a proactive approach by the Council to prioritise community safety while it waits for further clarification from the Minister of Transport on the amendment to speed limit rules.

Following community consultation in October 2023, the Council’s Full Speed Management Plan on district-wide speed reductions as part of the previous Government’s ‘Road to Zero’ road safety strategy, was placed on hold pending further direction from the Minister.

However, the Council’s Executive Director of Infrastructure and Property, Tim Mason said the Council has followed advice from the ministry around producing an interim plan as safety at these critical locations cannot wait.

“Our district continues to grow, there are more people on our roads, and we want to ensure everyone gets to where they’re going safely.

“While speed isn’t the only cause of accidents, it does determine the severity of outcomes. There is an urgent need to lower speeds around our schools and high-risk intersections and we don’t want to wait until someone is killed or injured before we take action”.

The variable speed limits proposed around schools is in line with current indications from the Minister on the what the new rule will include and will be implemented using electronic and static speed signage.

Currently the Council has funding of $1.2 million available from NZTA Waka Kotahi for use towards slower speeds around schools which needs to be used by June 2024.

The Plan will now be submitted to NZTA Waka Kotahi for approval with the aim to begin work rolling it out before the end of June 2024.


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