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NZ’s defining moment: act now for Palestine – Justice for Palestine

This Sunday, 7 April, marks six months of Israel’s brutal war on Gaza. The situation on the ground in Palestine and across the region is at a critical point. Now is a defining moment for New Zealand to stand on the right side of history against the unfolding genocide on the people of Palestine.

A mass protest, organised by rights group Justice for Palestine, will take place on the 7th April in Wellington. People will take to the streets to once again call on the New Zealand government to show the moral leadership, the urgency and seriousness demanded by the crisis in Palestine; and to call on the media to perform their critical role of reporting on the demands and holding the government to account.

“As a Palestinian, I’ve felt immense support and solidarity from the people of Aotearoa. It’s time for those in power to listen and respond with the courage and urgency this moment demands.” Says Samira Zaiton from Justice for Palestine. Over the past six months, the international community has witnessed Israel’s devastating acts of violence against the Palestinian people, actions that are increasingly being recognised as genocide. The death toll continues to rise, with tens of thousands of lives lost; there is extensive displacement; and famine is spreading across Gaza as a result of Israel’s aggressive policies. Yet, New Zealand has been slow to speak out and has failed to back up its words with concrete action. With the International Court of Justice (ICJ) issuing further measures in response to the crisis and Israel’s failure to implement its earlier ruling, it is crucial for New Zealand vocally advocate for an end to Israel’s violence, breaches of international law, and the obstruction of humanitarian aid access. New Zealand must amplify its diplomatic pressure on Israel and our traditional allies, join other nations, like Ireland, in endorsing South Africa’s case before the ICJ, and grant emergency visas for Gazans with family connections to New Zealand.

The media are also called upon to recognise their role in this critical time. In-depth and accurate coverage of the current situation, historical context, and the human stories behind the headlines, are crucial in increasing public understanding and mobilising action. The media must also hold our government to account for its failure to engage with the demands of thousands of New Zealanders who have been demanding action for the last six months. Justice for Palestine calls on our government and media to respond with the urgency this moment requires, demonstrating a commitment to calling out injustice and championing human rights and international law.

Event Details:

Event: All out for Palestine Location: Civic Square to Parliament Date: April 7, 2024

Time: 11am-1pm


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