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NZ Post’s free courier service making a difference in the lives of grandparents and grandchildren

With the application closing date fast approaching for NZ Post’s Delivering for Good programme, last year’s People’s Choice winner is seeing a “meaningful difference” the initiative is making within its organisation. NZ Post’s Delivering for Good programme aims to foster stronger, healthier communities around Aotearoa by giving away up to 34,000 free domestic courier services to a selected number of charitable organisations and social enterprises.

As last year’s winner of the People’s Choice vote, Grandparents Raising Grandchildren Trust NZ (GRG) received an additional years’ worth of free courier services from NZ Post – enabling the charity to continue to support over 6200 client families raising around 19,700 tamariki and rangatahi nationwide.

“The savings from waiving courier costs have been instrumental in supporting various aspects of our organisation’s operations,” GRG’s CEO Brad Clark says.

Brad said the elimination of courier fees has enabled GRG to focus more resources on direct support and advocacy efforts rather than logistical challenges when faced with size and costs of care packages going out to families in need.

“These deliveries signify more than just parcels; they represent hope, care, and the assurance that no one in our community is alone in their journey. As we prepare to send out these packages, we embrace the opportunity to make a meaningful difference in the lives of caregivers and the children they nurture,” he said.

Delivering for Good is part of NZ Post’s social sustainability programme and is now in its fourth year.

Applications for this year’s programme opened on Monday 4 March (and close on Sunday 24 March).

“For us, delivering for New Zealand also means supporting the neighbourhoods and communities where we live and work,” NZ Post Group Sustainability Manager Dawn Baggaley says.

“We are so proud to be able to facilitate free courier services for deserving local organisations.”

Baggaley encouraged all charitable organisations “no matter how big or small” to apply this week.

“With only one week left open for applications, we are still looking for a range of deserving programmes which help people connect and feel included; whether that be delivering goods to people without access or sending products for companies who employ people from marginalised groups.”

To date, over 83,000 parcels have been sent from the start of the programme in 2021.


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