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New report to support maths teaching, tackle maths crisis – ERO

Maths is incredibly important, yet achievement in New Zealand has declined significantly over the last 20 years. Less than half of Year 8 students are meeting expectations in maths, and a new report from ERO has found that many teachers are not confident teaching maths.

ERO’s new report highlights what teachers can do to provide quality maths education for New Zealand’s learners in the first years of school.

“Maths is crucial to success across a wide range of subjects, and it is particularly important that students in Years 1 to 3 develop key foundational skills,” says Ruth Shinoda, Head of ERO’s Education Evaluation Centre.

“Yet we know our maths achievement is concerningly low and a quarter of new primary school teachers told us they feel unprepared to teach maths.”

ERO’s newest report showcases some of the great maths teaching already happening in New Zealand, drawing on the best evidence of what works to teach maths in the early years of school.

The report highlights the importance of daily dedicated maths time and teaching that is purposeful and builds on the existing knowledge of learners.

“Great maths teaching starts with valuing maths and communicating that maths is important, connects to the students’ world, and is for everyone. Getting maths teaching right in the early school years can set learners up with a crucial foundation for later on” says Shinoda.

“With the implementation of teaching one hour of maths a day, it is important teachers are supported to make that hour count. This report is designed to provide teachers in Years 1 to 3 with practical examples of approaches to maths teaching that we know can make a difference for all students.”

ERO’s new report can be found online: https://evidence.ero.govt.nz/documents/making-it-count-teaching-maths-in-years-1-to-3


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