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New literary festival shines spotlight on writers and storytellers – NPDC

Aspiring writers will be able to immerse themselves in a world of words and storytelling at a free festival kicking off at NPDC’s Puke Ariki and community libraries in March.

Our Words: A Festival of Local Writers and Storytellers is on from March 20 to 27 and features engaging talks, workshops, and panel discussions with notable authors, including Jacqueline Bublitz, Mikaela Nyman, David Hill, and Kane Briscoe.

They’ll be discussing topics like self-publishing, short story writing, fiction development, scientific writing and will provide valuable knowledge to aspiring authors and interesting conversation for those who love reading and stories

Among the lineup of storytellers is artist Haoro Hond and architectural expert Murali Bhaskar, adding a dynamic layer to the literary experience as they discuss storytelling through art and architecture.

“The festival aims to create a vibrant literary atmosphere, fostering a love for storytelling and providing a platform for local wordsmiths to shine,” says NPDC’s Puke Ariki Libraries Manager Angela Jowitt.

“This free festival invites the Taranaki community to join the conversation, explore ideas, and share stories.”

For more information, session times and to stay updated go to our website pukeariki.com.

Puke Ariki Fast Facts:

Puke Ariki opened on 15 June 2003.

It is the world’s first purpose-built, fully integrated museum, library and visitor information centre.

Puke Ariki and the district libraries had more than 842,000 people through their doors last year and issued 416,000 items.

In January, a record 10,379 audiobooks and eBooks were downloaded.

As of February 2021, there were 22,000 active library members

This is Puke Ariki’s first local writer-focused festival.

Previous festivals include Festival of Words and AdLib hosted by Puke Ariki Libraries.


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