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Long Term Plan deferred for Grey District

Grey District Council has decided to defer the council’s ten year Long Term Plan in preference for an ‘enhanced’ 2024-25 Annual Plan.

The decision comes after the Government gave local authorities the flexibility to defer their Long Term Plans for one year amid uncertainties around the future of 3 Waters service delivery.

The Long Term Plan, or LTP, is a key planning process that council carries out every three years, which looks forward to the next ten years and incorporates an infrastructure review for the next 30 years. The decision to push this year’s plan out to next year will effectively make the next ten year plan a nine year one.

Acting CEO Paul Pretorius says the enhanced Annual Plan will reflect Year 4 of the last Annual Plan while providing an opportunity to consult on key issues.

Mr Pretorius says the decision to delay the LTP gives the council the opportunity to formulate work programmes and budgets for 12 months while it waits for further clarity from central government around legislative changes.

“The cost of delivering services, combined with uncertainty over funding for key infrastructure and assets create some real challenges for a council that is dedicated to delivering great services for our ratepayers. Like most Councils around Aotearoa New Zealand, Grey District is facing a number of challenges in setting a rates increase that is manageable for our ratepayers and will continue to pay for the services and infrastructure we need as a district to move forward.

Mayor Tania Gibson says the deferral gives Council time to digest changes from central government.

“The ability to focus on the next twelve months will give Council the opportunity to create an LTP next year that is focused on the future of the district, not just a reactionary proposal for the current climate.It will also give the new CEO the opportunity to be more involved in the formation of the Long Term Plan, capitalising on the work already undertaken.”

“The work the team has already put into the Long Term Plan forms a key part of the LTP process next year,” Mr Pretorius says.

Consultation on Grey District Council’s Enhanced 2024/25 Annual Plan will begin in April, which will help determine the levels of services and the budget for the 2024/25 year. A nine-year 2025-34 LTP will be produced next year which will bring the timelines back into cycle with councils around Aotearoa New Zealand.


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