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Let’s get our recycling right – Grey District Council

Grey District Council is going to be checking recycling bins and glass crates around the region in March to make sure everyone knows what to do when recycling and as much material as possible is being diverted from the landfill.

Grey District Mayor Tania Gibson says while most areas are doing a good job in making sure material that goes into recycling bins and crates are recyclable, there’s still a bit of work to do to make sure we, as a district, are doing everything we need to.

“We routinely have to send a lot of waste material from recycling bins into the general waste landfill and that’s hampering our efforts to make a real difference for our district and the environment. Sometimes it’s something as simple as materials not being rinsed and so contaminating a full load, or it can be that people are putting things in their bins that can’t be recycled.

“While we do a lot of sorting at the recycling centre at McLean’s Pit, it’s really important that people get it right at home first.”

Council Solid Waste Officer Kaia Beal says coloured tags will start appearing on bins next month along with information leaflets with details about what is working and what needs to be improved. With around 30-40 tonnes per month of material being diverted to landfill from the recycling centre, there is definitely room for improvement.

“It doesn’t seem a lot on top of the 600 – 700 tonnes that goes into the landfill every month, but it’s a lot when you consider we could be sending that material to be recycled or repurposed,” Beal says.

Council will also launch an education campaign next week through social media and on its website to make sure people know what and how to recycle.

“We know that sometimes, doing the right thing can be confusing. Taking lids off, for example, because they can’t be recycled – not everyone is aware of that. So we’ll be putting out some videos and tips on social media to make sure we’re getting the right information out there for everyone.

“Recycling really does make a difference – it’s something we can all do to keep our environment clean and our planet happy.”

For full details on the audit and what to expect and regular updates on what and how to recycle, people can check Council’s website: www.greydc.govt.nz


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