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Leading technology trainer’s zero student cost repaid once employed – Mission Ready

A first for tertiary education in New Zealand

Eliminating financial barriers – Repay fees only when employed in industry Three-pronged strategy to address cost of living, industry skills shortage and low diversity

87% job placement success rate

In a first for tertiary education in New Zealand, a top NZQA-rated tech-training provider is offering courses worth nearly $5000 that only need to be paid for once graduates are successfully employed.

This pioneering approach is set to reshape tertiary education in New Zealand with the potential to alleviate tech-sector challenges related to cost of living, skill shortages, and poor diversity.

That’s the guarantee’ from Mission Ready co-founder Diana Sharma to help remove barriers to entry into an industry crying out for talent and diversity.

“Aotearoa’s tech industry is chronically short of new talent and our vision is to fill that tech-skills gap by diversifying the talent pool and empowering unemployed and underemployed students.

“With Train Now: Pay on Success we’re removing the financial barrier, fostering diversity, and assuring students that they will only repay once they are successfully employed in their new careers.”

“Because we passionately believe in our programmes – accelerating tech talent development and career success through fast paced, industry relevant micro-credentials – we wanted to do something tangible to help new talent from different pathways overcome real cost of living challenges and take that first step,” says Sharma.

Mission Ready’s 87% job-success rate for graduates (since launching in 2019) means they are confident the students will be successful.

Mission Ready created the country’s first tech career-accelerator programmes four years ago with the sole aim of combatting the industry’s skills shortage. Since then they have successfully trained more than 500 tech professionals, but the latest Digital Skills Aotearoa

report suggests the industry still needs 4-5000 new tech professionals each year and where Māori/Pasifika represent less than 4% & 3% respectively.

The 10-20 week courses are designed as cost-effective, tailored alternatives to expensive three year university degrees, as well as being very attractive career transitioning courses.

The programmes includes mentor-supported work experience with leading IT businesses like Datacom, AMP, Fonterra and Salesforce.

“We’re confident this barrier breaker will help us generate the demand for new graduates from a wide background and new channels that our partner businesses tell us they need.”

The Train Now – Pay on Success offer applies to specific Mission Ready courses beginning from next month with the few conditions and candidate buy-in clearly available here on the Mission Ready website.


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