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Layer Up for the Weekend – MetService

With a forecast of rain, southerly winds, and snow for this weekend, the advice from MetService is to layer up, especially if you are spending time outdoors.

The blast of cold air reaches the far south of Aotearoa New Zealand Thursday afternoon, with the coldest temperatures being felt in the South Island on Friday. Canterbury, Otago, and Southland can expect a maximum temperature of 15°C or less on Friday, about six degrees below the average for this time of year, with the remainder of the South Island only reaching the high teens.

A Road Snowfall Warning has been issued for Porters Pass (State Highway 73) as the cold air mixes with rainfall over alpine areas; snow showers are expected from about 800 metres upwards.

MetService Meteorologist Clare O’Connor expands: “The real chill for the South Island will be felt overnight into Saturday morning, as clear skies following the passage of the cooler air will mean no clouds to bring an insulating effect. Anyone living or travelling through inland South Island areas should plan for below zero temperatures overnight, although all of the South Island will be under 10°C in the early hours of the morning.”

While the North Island will not begin to feel the brunt of the cold air until late Friday, a wide band of rain lies over central and western regions on Thursday and into Friday afternoon. The southerly winds and showers arrive about the lower North Island Friday evening and continue pushing northwards overnight into Saturday, eventually clearing off the north of the North Island Saturday morning.

Despite the wet beginning to the weekend, the Saturday and Sunday are expected to be relatively settled and sunny during the day. The chill in the air will remain through the weekend, making this likely to be the coldest weekend of the year so far. The Auckland Region may even see its first daily maximum temperature below 20°C since early December last year. With the autumn equinox occurring next week, more crisp mornings are no doubt on the way.


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