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‘Lack of warning signs at speed camera locations is dishonest and dangerous’

Commenting on reports that out of 10 permanent speed cameras installed by the Government late last year, only one will have warning signage, Taxpayers’ Union Spokesman, Alex Murphy, said:

“The Transport Minister has time and again assured us that his Government’s proposed speed camera empire will be built strictly in the name of safety, but this failure to clearly signpost speed cameras at 9 high-speed locations in Auckland and Northland once again looks to be more of a revenue-gathering exercise over effective safety policy.

“Having extensive signage around speed cameras will encourage drivers to check their speed and slow down if they are over the limit. The only reason why the Government wouldn’t want to have clear warning signs would be to maximise the amount of fines it receives.

“If the Government really wants to take a safety-first approach to speed-monitoring, then signposting is imperative. This shouldn’t be an exercise about catching people out to potentially gain more revenue.”


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