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IDF and ISA Uncover Hamas Exploitation of Civilian Infrastructure

The Israel Defense Forces (IDF), in a joint operation with the Israel Security Agency (ISA), have uncovered substantial evidence that the Hamas terrorist organization systematically exploits hospitals, ambulances, clinics, mosques, and schools for terrorist activities.

This exploitation includes the use of ambulances to transport weapons and operatives across the Gaza Strip, in clear violation of international laws and norms regarding the protection of civilian infrastructure. Such actions by Hamas demonstrate a deliberate strategy to use civilians as human shields.

A recorded conversation, released by the Military Intelligence Directorate, between a Gazan resident and a Hamas terrorist, reveals the ease with which terrorists can misuse ambulances: https://bit.ly/3SETlgu.

Additionally, investigations of Hamas “Nukhba” terrorists involved in the October 7th massacre have yielded alarming admissions:

  • Hamas has ambulances indistinguishable from civilian ones, intentionally used to avoid suspicion and potential airstrikes.
  • These ambulances are employed to evacuate militants and transport weapons and supplies.
  • Senior Hamas figures are deliberately sheltering in places like Shifa Hospital to exploit the humanitarian protections afforded to medical facilities.
  • Weapons and ammunition caches are being stored under schools, and civilian mosques and clinics are rigged with explosives.

For a summary of these findings, please refer to the attached video footage: https://bit.ly/49sohqf.

(Video credit: ISA Communications)

These revelations are indicative of Hamas’ flagrant disregard for human life and the sanctity of protected spaces. The Embassy of Israel in New Zealand considers it crucial that these findings are presented transparently to the public.


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