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Hemisphere unveils ‘iconic’ branding for Wellington Pride Parade 2024

Hemisphere, a proudly Wellington-based trailblazing design, creative and media agency, proudly announces its collaboration with Wellington Pride Parade, unveiling a brand identity that is as vibrant and dynamic as the city’s rainbow community. The refreshed branding for the 2024 parade, set to take place on 9 March, is a celebration of Wellington’s unique spirit, inclusivity, and the rich Māori heritage that defines our city.

In crafting a new tohu (logo) for Wellington Pride Parade, Hemisphere aimed to create something unmistakably Wellingtonian, deeply rooted in Māori culture, that would resonate with the rainbow community. The result is a powerful representation of unity, diversity, and pride, embracing the essence of Te Whanganui-a-Tara and its people.

Dr Tim Antric, Kaiarataki of Hemisphere and a proud member of the rainbow community, expressed his enthusiasm for this kaupapa: “Te Whanganui-a-Tara has always been a beacon of support and acceptance for our rainbow whānau. When we were approached to contribute to the revival of the Wellington Pride Parade, we saw it as a golden opportunity to celebrate our collective and individual identities. It’s a project that’s very close to our hearts.”

The design began with the elemental forces that have shaped Wellington – the wind (Tāwhirimātea) and water (Tangaroa), integrating these with the city’s iconic landmarks. The bucket fountain on Cuba Street, known for its colourful and dynamic water display, emerged as the perfect symbol for the parade, representing the myriad stories and backgrounds within the rainbow community coming together in a vibrant celebration.

Tim highlighted the significance of water as a universal connector, mirroring the parade’s mission to unite diverse groups within the rainbow community. “Water is the life giver of all things, and just as it connects all of us to our origins, the Pride Parade connects us to each other,” he said.

The logo combines welcoming arms, streams of colourful wai (water) forming a rainbow, and a koru at the base, symbolising the community’s growth and vitality. The design reflects the connections between the human and divine, an integral aspect of the takatāpui community, with the pou āniwaniwa (rainbow post) in a wharenui representing the sharing of knowledge and history.

“Our tohu encapsulates the essence of Wellington Pride Parade and its core values – the waters that connect us, the vibrant colours of the rainbow, and our diverse communities coming together in support and celebration. It’s a testament to the spirit of manaakitanga (respect and care) that we extend to everyone,” Tim added.

Hemisphere invites everyone to join in the festivities of the Wellington Pride Parade on 9 March 2024, to celebrate diversity, unity, and the enduring spirit of the rainbow community.

Discover more about Hemisphere’s innovative projects and their commitment to celebrating Aotearoa’s unique identity at https://hemisphere.nz/.


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