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‘Get your smoke alarms sorted and escape plans prepared this Daylight Saving weekend’

Fire and Emergency New Zealand is reminding everyone to check their smoke alarms are working and in the right places this Daylight Saving weekend. 

 “When you’re sleeping, you can’t smell smoke, but smoke from a house fire can be fatal within three minutes,” Community Education Manager Adrian Nacey says. 

“Working smoke alarms in the right places will give you the earliest possible warning. They are your best chance of surviving a house fire,” he says. 

Fire and Emergency recommends having a working smoke alarm in every bedroom, hallway and living area. 

 “Closed doors stop smoke alarms from detecting smoke, so it’s important there are enough smoke alarms installed to cover your whole house,” Adrian Nacey says.

“Test your smoke alarms at least every six months. Press the button in the centre of the alarm and hold down until you hear a beep. Use a broom handle if you can’t reach the button.” 

 Fire and Emergency also recommends that you vacuum or dust your smoke alarms every six months to help avoid false alarms. 

 Adrian Nacey encourages everyone to keep an eye on the expiry date for their smoke alarms. 

 “The expiry date is usually located on the bottom or side of the alarm. If there’s no expiry date, it’s best to replace the alarm.” 

 “Take the time this weekend to get prepared. It’s also a great opportunity to come up with a 3-Step Escape Plan with your family and practise it,” he says. 

A 3-Step Escape Plan includes having working smoke alarms in the right places, two ways out and a safe meeting place. 

Find more information on how to look after your smoke alarms, and to create a three-step escape plan on our website at www.escapemyhouse.co.nz.


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