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Forest and Bird and BLUNT celebrate a century of conservation commitment

Did you know that as Kiwis we have the highest proportion of threatened species anywhere in the world?

75% of our indigenous birds, bats, reptiles and freshwater fish are threatened with extinction.

Aotearoa New Zealand is home to iconic wildlife, from the charismatic kākāpō to the awe-inspiring toroa albatross. But our precious ecosystems and species, found nowhere else in the world, are under threat.

Habitat loss, climate change and introduced predators are hitting them hard. New Zealand has the highest proportion of threatened species anywhere in the world and as a country we can’t let any more of our nature be lost to history.

Founded 100 years ago by a group of visionary people brought together by Captain ‘Val’ Sanderson, Forest & Bird remains a driving force in conservation, with more than 100,000 supporters actively championing the protection of native flora and fauna. With 45 branches, 37 reserves, and more than 120 national and local conservation projects, Forest & Bird’s tireless efforts span every corner of the motu.

Funded mainly by the generosity of Kiwis and partners like BLUNT, Forest & Bird remain steadfast in its dedication to ‘giving te taiao nature a voice’ protecting and restoring wildlife and wild places that define the country’s identity.

Commemorating this century-long commitment to conservation, BLUNT and Forest & Bird are proud to unveil two new limited edition umbrella designs that capture the essence of Aotearoa New Zealand.

The stunning umbrellas showcase two distinct designs crafted by celebrated Kiwi artists Erin Forsyth and Rachel Walker. The first, a forest-inspired canopy, pays homage to the rich biodiversity found in Aotearoa’s ngahere (forest), featuring winged species such as tauhou silvereye, kahukura red admiral butterfly, and puriri moth in a stunning creation by artist and illustrator Erin Forsyth.

The second design, a bird-inspired watercolour masterpiece by artist Rachel Walker, captures the vibrant essence of native parrots-the kea and kākā-in flight. This showcase image embodies the colour, texture, and movement of these charismatic cousins, serving as a visual ode to New Zealand’s unique avian treasures.

Available for $149.00 each on the bluntumbrellas.co.nz website, or at selected participating retailers from Thursday the 14th of March.

As we continue to face environmental challenges, let’s support Forest & Bird in its tireless endeavour to preserve the beauty of our country and its diverse flora and fauna.

Together, we can ensure that the legacy of conservation lives on for generations to come.


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