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Fluoridation reinstated in Clutha township water supplies

Fluoridation of water supplies is being reactivated this week for those living in Balclutha, Kaitangata, Milton and Tapanui.

Balclutha was done on Tuesday and supplies at Kaitangata, Milton and Tapanui will have fluoridation reinstated by the end of this week (Friday 23 February 2024).

Deputy Chief Executive Jules Witt said Balclutha had been fluoridated for decades and the other three towns were newly dosed around 2010, following public consultation.

It was suspended in July 2019 due to health and safety concerns raised by the contractor relating to the fluoridation dosing equipment.

At a Council meeting in December 2020 it was agreed to reinstate fluoridation, as a more cost effective solution that met health and safety requirements, had been found.

“At the time it was noted that it was not a decision about whether to fluoridate or not, because fluoridation had only ceased due to health and safety chemical operator concerns, but rather a decision around the cost, as the actual cost was a 10% increase on the previous system.”

Mr Witt acknowledged there had been delays and challenges with funding, supply, equipment, and training and it was good to get dosing underway again.

Fluoride occurs naturally in water, although at levels that are not high enough to provide oral health benefits. For more detailed information please refer to: https://www.health.govt.nz/our-work/preventative-health-wellness/fluoride-and-oral-health/community-water-fluoride-safe-effective-and-affordable

There are options for those that want to remove fluoride from their water supply however Council does not provide reimbursement for this, he said.


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