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Energy Resources Aotearoa applauds Government for Fast Track Consenting process

Energy Resources Aotearoa applauds the introduction of fast-track legislation into the house by the Government today. This legislation will enable more efficient consenting processes for projects that support New Zealand’s economic growth and wellbeing, delivering prosperity to the regions.

We believe the intent of the Bill strikes the right balance between encouraging investment while maintaining the right checks and balances to protect the environment and iwi rights.

The legislation will unlock the potential of New Zealand’s natural resources and energy sector by providing greater predictability for investors and make New Zealand a more attractive place for international capital and institutional investors.

New Zealand’s resource management system is inefficient and difficult to navigate, undermining the confidence required to invest in multi-year long term projects.

Fast Track legislation will bring the certainty required to drive growth, create jobs, and ensure that New Zealand can keep the lights on.

Energy Resources Aotearoa chief executive John Carnegie says that New Zealand needs to clear away consenting hurdles to encourage the immense investment required to deliver affordable and reliable energy.

‘Investment will need to increase exponentially for our sector to meet demand in a secure, reliable, and affordable way. We have heard that the money is here for renewables, so the goal now is to smooth the way for investment in all forms of energy infrastructure to come forth rapidly.’

Energy Resources Aotearoa believes that affordable and reliable energy is essential for the well-being and prosperity of all New Zealanders. We welcome the Minister of Resources’ comments about the need to encourage investment in New Zealand’s extractive industries.

We are committed to working with the government, regulators, communities, and other stakeholders to ensure that the fast-track legislation is used to facilitate energy projects that provide affordable, reliable, and clean energy for all New Zealanders.


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