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Employers committed to ECE Fair Pay Agreement process – Early Childhood Council

The Early Childhood Council confirms its commitment to the Early Childhood Education Fair Pay Agreement process, despite NZEI Te Riu Roa issuing a petition claiming employer representatives weren’t coming to the table.

“Nothing has changed – the ECC is working alongside our fellow employer party representatives, and intend to continue the process in good faith,” said ECC CEO Simon Laube.

An inter-party side agreement is the next step in the FPA process with a meeting scheduled for early December, then bargaining meetings. The employer parties involved are publicly listed on the MBIE dashboard.

“The FPA legislation is new, and the timelines allowed for various stages in the process need refinement,” said Simon Laube.

“It’s not helpful for a constructive negotiation when one party puts out confusing and wrong messages to members or on social media. It would be helpful if there was a clarification.”


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