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‘Study shows CBD oil promising natural treatment for endometriosis pain relief’

As World Endometriosis Day approaches on March 28th, attention turns to the millions of women worldwide battling the chronic pain and frustration of endometriosis. -Affecting an estimated 176 million individuals globally and approximately 120,000 in New Zealand alone, endometriosis is a debilitating inflammatory disease that significantly impacts the quality of life for those it afflicts.

Endometriosis, a condition where tissue similar to the lining of the uterus grows outside of the womb, often leads to excruciating pain and long delays in diagnosis. –According to recent statistics, the average age of symptom onset is just over 15 years, yet the time to a confirmed diagnosis is nearly 8 years.

In light of this, medical professionals and researchers are continuously exploring alternative treatments to alleviate the severe pain associated with endometriosis. Among these emerging options, international studies+ have demonstrated that CBD oil has shown promising early results in easing the symptoms of endometriosis pain.

Dr. Waseem Alzaher, co-founder of the Cannabis Clinic, states, “Endometriosis is one of the most common reasons why patients are prescribed medicinal cannabis. By using either CBD oil, or a combination of both CBD and THC, the inflammation and pain symptoms associated with endometriosis may be significantly improved.”

—Recent findings published in the Journal of Clinical Medicine highlight the potential of cannabis-derived endocannabinoids to provide relief for endometriosis sufferers. These compounds have been shown to possess a protective effect on the gut, reducing inflammation and improving permeability. Consequently, this suppresses bloating, a prevalent symptom of endometriosis. Additionally, cannabinoids inherently suppress pain receptors, serving as a natural painkiller for those with the condition.

As World Endometriosis Day approaches, it is imperative to raise awareness about this often misunderstood and underdiagnosed condition. With ongoing research and the emergence of alternative treatments like CBD oil, there is hope for improved management of endometriosis symptoms and enhanced quality of life for those affected.


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