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Sir Ray Avery: Why the World Health Organisation can’t stop a global pandemic

The WHO is using political fearmongering to get all countries in the world to sign up to the WHO’s new international healthcare regulations which give the WHO the power to declare a Global Pandemic ,implement travel restrictions and prevent the spread of misinformation.

To leverage this absolute power the WHO is saying that the “disease X “will emerge in the future causing a global pandemic which will threaten mankind.

This is of course true but is the WHO the best organisation to manage a Global pandemic and should we trust them with our lives?

History would say we can’t.

In 2022 the WHO said the risk of a bird flu pandemic could potentially kill 7.4 million people around the world but data showed that only 868 cases of transmission from birds to humans were recorded resulting in 456 deaths.

With respect to the Covid Pandemic the WHO did not have a coordinated approach to managing the pandemic and provided misinformation about how Covid is spread (no evidence that Covid is airborne) for more than two years.

Even if the WHO was a world leading healthcare organisation it cannot stop a global pandemic with the current tools in our Global Pandemic prevention toolbox.

Of the 10 billion Covid vaccine doses distributed worldwide, only 1% went to lower-income countries and vaccine delivery to these countries represents an insurmountable hurdle with respect to vaccine access and setting up vaccination camps and training local healthcare workers.

In addition, the geography of many developing countries presents a substantial hurdle to vaccine access. Regions like Nepal, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Bhutan are located at high altitudes, making it extremely difficult to set up vaccination camps for community immunization .

An estimated 160 million people in Yemen, Syria, Ethiopia, and South Sudan are at liability for vaccine inaccessibility due to being located in isolated areas experiencing war, instability, and conflict.

But the greatest hurdle by far is the vaccines themselves for example the Pfizer Covid vaccine goes off faster than a cut lunch in the sun and must be stored at between minus 60 -80 degrees centigrade and once diluted only lasts for a few hours at room temperature.

In NZ 1500 people received a vaccine that was not stored at the temperature so maintaining a vaccine cold chain supply system in the developing world setting is an impossible dream.

Add to that Covid vaccine efficacy which wanes over time requiring multiple doses for which no clinical trials have been undertaken and add to this vaccine mutations the elimination and control of a global pandemic to be overseen by the WHO will not prevent millions of deaths globally.

Ex New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern’s “vanity ” NZ Covid elimination strategy is a micro version of how the new WHO’s International healthcare regulations may play out.

Adern believed that NZ could eliminate Covid by shutting down New Zealand boarders but eventually ,and inevitably, Covid became endemic in NZ because Covid was raging in the world outside as it will be in developing countries in the next Global pandemic.

If we let the WHO “off the leash ” with its new international healthcare regulations it will destroy the developed world’s economy for no good reason.

The WHO mandates will not prevent the Global transmission of disease X now or in the immediate future.

mNRA vaccinations are not a silver bullet for preventing the spread of Covid or disease X and we should be looking at all pharmaceutical and none pharmaceutical interventions that will save lives rather global vaccination programs which are domed to failure.

For example, in NZ the majority of New Zealanders who were not at risk of dying of Covid were forcibly vaccinated but this not prevent the spread of Covid.

More lives may have been saved if we had focused on a more holistic healthcare approach to protecting those most at risk of dying of Covid instead of mass vaccinations with an experimental vaccine with questionable efficacy and long-term safety.

Sir Ray Avery GNZM


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