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‘One in 12 women resign during menopause and it’s time organisations do better’

The menopausal transition/te ruahinetanga workforce demographic is one of the fastest growing in Aotearoa with over 400,000 people at this life stage in paid employment. This time is a temporary, but significant life stage for women and some trans, non-binary and intersex people with 84%- of those going through it saying their menopause symptoms adversely affected their job.

This leads to resignations and workplaces losing out on senior staff who have wisdom and experience to share.

A new toolkit has been created by Gender @ Work and the YWCA Tāmaki Makaurau for organisations, with resources and guidance on creating a menopause-inclusive workplace, a first, and much-needed kete for Aotearoa.

“Menopausal transition / te ruahinetanga affects a significant portion of our aging workforce, affecting physical and mental well-being. Addressing these challenges can increase employee engagement, performance, and retention,” says Gender At Work Manager, Claire Stuart.

1 in 12 women resign due to menopause symptoms yet creating a menopause-inclusive environment helps retain workers who might otherwise leave the workforce due to menopausal challenges.

“Addressing menopause transition in workplaces can lead to more women retained in leadership roles, and contributes to reducing gender pay gaps,” says Dellwyn Stuart, YWCA Tāmaki Makaurau CEO and Mind The Gap co-founder. “With over 400,000+ in the menopause life stage, demonstrating a commitment to supporting employees through this time attracts diverse talent that values inclusive and supportive workplace policies. Senior staff have a lot of wisdom to give organisations and it’s vital they work out how to retain them during this time of change.”

Created by the team at Gender At Work, who built on the wisdom gained from their leading GenderTick accredited organisations which includes menopause criteria, the toolkit is for organisations of all sizes and stages.

“The toolkit is full of real and practical ideas and resources that are tried and tested in New Zealand organisations.,” says Stuart, “and it’s designed to retain women in leadership roles, and contribute to reducing gender pay gaps.”

The Menopause Toolkit was created by Gender At Work and YWCA Tāmaki Makaurau and launches on Tuesday, February 20th 2024.

-from the Menodoctor Survey New Zealand


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