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Endometriosis New Zealand kicks off Awareness Month with a call to Live Well Together

Today marks day one of International Endometriosis Awareness Month, observed annually in March. This is an important time for raising awareness about endometriosis and its impact on individuals worldwide as a condition that is estimated to affect more than 1 in 10 women, girls and those assigned female at birth.

‘Our theme for the month is “Living Well Together” highlighting the significance of a collective commitment between patients, healthcare professionals, families, workplaces and wider community to come together at this time and ensure that those impacted by endometriosis receive the understanding and support they need to live their lives to the fullest.’ – Tanya Cooke.

We have chosen this theme as it speaks to individuals living with endometriosis, letting them know they don’t need to face the condition alone. It is also a call for everyone to show up for those struggling with endometriosis, all year round, not just in March.

“Endometriosis New Zealand has worked hard to deliver initiatives that will foster a stronger and more connected community and an Aotearoa where people with endometriosis are supported to live well.” – Tanya Cooke.

Throughout the month there are numerous opportunities for individuals to get involved and support Endometriosis New Zealand’s mission. Our key initiatives include:

Attending a Living Well Together Event: We are hosting community events throughout March right across New Zealand. We are showing up in 9 locations, joined by members of our clinical advisory committee, allied health professionals and brave individuals with lived experience: https://nzendo.org.nz/nzendo-events/. “Our aim is to help our attendees create meaningful connections through shared experiences” – Tanya Cooke.

Sharing stories of lived experience: allowing brave individuals the chance to show their reality of living with endometriosis https://nzendo.org.nz/march-awareness-month/

Host a High Tea: Businesses and individuals are hosting High Tea’s around the country to bring their people together to learn more about endometriosis: https://host-a-high-tea-2024.raiselysite.com/

Taking on the 120 for the 120,000 Challenge. At least 120,000 girls, women and those assigned female at birth live with endometriosis in Aotearoa, New Zealand and this is the movement for them: https://the-120-challenge.raiselysite.com/

We will be campaigning throughout the month on the basics of endometriosis, understanding the signs and symptoms to support early diagnosis and managing the condition. Our incredible community will be supporting us to share how they live well with endometriosis based on their lived experience navigating the condition.

Endometriosis is a complex and commonly misunderstood condition. The symptoms of endometriosis can be debilitating and can significantly impact an individual’s physical and mental wellbeing. Symptoms may include: period pain that affects daily life; pain during and/or after sex; pelvic, lower back and leg pain; bladder and/or bowel troubles; abnormal menstrual bleeding; sub-infertility or infertility; tiredness and low energy; immune system issues; PMS, low mood and depression.

You can learn more about endometriosis by getting involved in our awareness month initiatives or by heading our website https://nzendo.org.nz/ for more information and opportunities to join our mission.

If you are living with endometriosis and need help, we encourage you to access our free support services at https://nzendo.org.nz/helping-you/.