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‘End the uncontrolled experimental use of puberty blockers for gender identity’

LGB Alliance Aotearoa New Zealand calls on the government to end our contribution to the global medical scandal of disrupting and damaging healthy children’s development into adulthood, a practice done in the name of the pseudoscientific concept known as “gender identity”.

The Ministry of Health NZ has previously made the ill-informed claim that “Puberty blockers are a safe and fully reversible medicine” in the context of “gender health options”, more commonly known as “gender affirming care”.

From NHS England banning puberty blockers to Australasian Psychiatry research concluding that the gender-affirming model of care is “incompatible with competent, ethical medical practice”, there is no excuse to ignore the fact that the use of puberty blockers in this context lacks scientific and ethical rigour,

effectively amounting to an uncontrolled experiment on masses of children & adolescents across the world, notably western nations where the concept of “gender identity” was born and proliferates.

While any child is at-risk from falling prey to this promoted ideology that views atypical behaviour of ones’ sex as a possible marker of being “born in the wrong body” (an impossibility as we are our bodies), we note that children and adolescents with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), those with emerging same-sex attraction (LGB), and female sex are over-represented as patients of “gender affirming care”.

Autistic children don’t need to be chemically “fixed” and gay teens aren’t sick. Every child should have the right to reach adulthood free from iatrogenic harm.

We urge the New Zealand government and all political parties to take this issue seriously and prevent further harm to young New Zealanders by ending this uncontrolled experiment.