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Unveiling the hottest zero alcohol trends in NZ with Brown Brothers Zero range

Brown Brothers, home to some of Australia’s favourite wines for more than 135 years, is pleased to introduce its Zero range to the NZ market. The Zero range includes three delicious wines that are alcohol-free but don’t compromise on flavour. Brown Brothers Moscato Zero, Brown Brothers Prosecco Rosé Zero, and Brown Brothers Prosecco Zero have been created using innovative spinning-cone technology to remove the alcohol but leave them tasting as good as their full-strength counterparts.

The demand for non-alcoholic wines and other drinks continues to grow, with many people either abstaining from alcohol or lessening their alcohol consumption to lead healthier lives. Fourth-generation family member and Brown Brothers winemaker Katherine Brown explains that overseas wine trends tend to take a little while to reach New Zealand shores, but believes that consumers, particularly those in younger generations, will be eager to adopt some of the non-alcoholic drinking trends from around the world. Here are some of the non-alcoholic trends that Katherine predicts New Zealanders are likely to embrace over the year ahead.

Damp drinking

“A step back from choosing to abstain from alcohol completely, damp drinking, damp lifestyle, or ‘going damp’ is about being more conscious about your alcohol intake and choosing occasions to celebrate with non-alcoholic alternatives or limiting the number of alcoholic drinks you may have in a single evening. It’s something we noticed gaining traction on Tik Tok earlier this year and we believe some of the other trends we’re starting to see have been directly influenced by the ‘going damp’ trend. Other pressures such as the increased cost of living and people choosing to entertain at home is a direct result of this.”

Prioritising health as much as fun is driving sober curious trends

“Younger generations are jam-packing their weekends with social activities that prioritise health as much as they prioritise fun and unsurprisingly, they’re the key group driving these sober-curious trends. On a Saturday night out with friends, we are seeing young people opt for a glass of Prosecco Zero, rather than choosing to miss out completely,” Katherine says.

Trends for social situations

“Already popular internationally, a few other trends we believe will be heavily embraced locally in 2024 include dry dating, dry weddings, damp dinner parties, and the rise of breakfast clubs with friends and family hosted in the comfort of their own home. It’s really intriguing seeing how younger age groups are influencing and adopting these trends as they reinforce that being sober-curious or living a damp lifestyle, doesn’t mean you have to forgo fun.”

Despite growing demand for non-alcoholic wines, Katherine explains that many consumers say they’re yet to find ‘the one’ when it comes to a non-alcoholic wine they love. “Non-alcoholic alternatives have been on the market for a few years now and despite winemakers bringing new or improved wines to market year after year, many consumers are still disappointed with the lack of flavour and range currently available, saying non-alcoholic alternatives are still overall inferior to their alcohol equivalents. We are proud to say that Moscato, Prosecco, and Prosecco Rosé drinkers will be hard-pressed to tell the difference between Brown Brothers Zero range and their alcoholic counterparts.”

Emma Brown, Brown Brothers Head of Innovation, and 4th generation Brown family, says, “with consumer preferences changing we cannot ignore alcohol moderation but embrace it with new and innovative products that meet consumer trends.”

Introducing a stellar lineup of zero alcohol wines

Brown Brothers Moscato Zero

Brown Brothers Moscato Zero is Brown Brothers first Moscato Zero, and a wine that the brand is immensely proud of, as the flavour profile is nearly identical to the classic Brown Brothers Moscato.

Made from Muscat of Alexandria grapes, this wine has lifted aromas of citrus, sherbet, and freshly cut grapes, making it an easy-drinking wine and a refreshing alternative for wine drinkers who are looking to moderate their alcohol intake without compromising on taste. Serve well chilled and enjoy while young and vibrant.

Alcohol content: 0.5%

Food Pairings

Brown Brothers Moscato Zero 2021 is a versatile wine that’s an ideal accompaniment to any occasion, whether it is served with or without food, as an aperitif, or table wine. Try it with a platter of soft cheeses and a crunchy baguette, or fresh fruit. For something different, Brown Brothers Moscato is fantastic with Vietnamese rice paper rolls or spicy Asian dishes as the aromatic lift of Moscato complements the spices while the sweetness balances the chilli heat.

Brown Brothers Prosecco Rosé Zero

Bright blushing pink in colour, this lively sparkling rosé is a vibrant take on Brown Brothers classic Prosecco Rosé. It has a delicate nose, displaying notes of strawberry, crisp apple, and citrus, making it tantalizingly fresh and seriously delicious.

Prosecco Rosé Zero is made to drink young while at its light and delicate best.

Alcohol content: 0.5%

Food Pairings

Brown Brothers Prosecco Rosé Zero is a great drink to kick off an evening and enjoy throughout the night. While delicious on its own, it is also perfect with sushi and sashimi as well as oysters and calamari. It is also brilliant with charcuterie and antipasto platters or warm, buttered popcorn.

Brown Brothers Prosecco Zero

A hallmark of everyday wine occasions, Brown Brothers Prosecco Zero is a brand-new wine that provides the ideal option for those who are looking for the perfect zero-alcohol wine to share with friends. This universally loved style of wine has classic Prosecco flavours of pear and green apple, with a crisp citrus tang on the finish. Designed to be consumed at its fresh and lively best.

Alcohol content: 0.5%

Food Pairings

While delicious on its own, Brown Brothers Prosecco Zero is best paired with light seafood dishes such as whiting fillets or fresh prawns. It’s also great paired with Camembert cheese and crackers or served alongside steamed broccolini and a lemon-infused oil dressing.

Brown Brothers’ Zero range wines are competitively priced and available from supermarkets and liquor stores nationwide. Brown Brothers Moscato Zero is priced from $12.99 and Brown Brothers Prosecco Zero and Prosecco Rosé Zero are priced from $14.99 for a 750ml bottle (shelf RRP).


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