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There’s a simple solution to the looming olive oil ‘crisis’, and it’s right on our doorstep

Kiwis will survive the olive oil crisis by making a simple switch to 100% New Zealand grown and produced extra virgin avocado oil, say the makers of Grove Avocado Oil.

Avocado oil is the rising star of the oil sector, according to Grove’s Michael Cusack. But unlike olive oil, which is in dire shortage due to drought conditions in Europe and a poor olive fruiting season here in New Zealand, there’s plenty of it.

Grove was first in the world to develop an extra virgin avocado oil, harvesting premium New Zealand avocados, removing the skin and stones and pressing the smooth, creamy flesh into pure, delicious oil that’s perfect on salads, in baking and for cooking, sauteing and roasting. It’s also the only avocado oil in the world to win a Superior Taste Award by the prestigious International Taste Institute, as judged by Michelin-starred chefs.

“We’re the largest avocado oil press in Aotearoa and use only New Zealand avocados for our premium award-winning Grove Extra Virgin Avocado Oil,” says Michael. “Each one is grown within one of the lovingly tended avocado orchards of our collective of New Zealand growers.

“That’s important for a number of reasons – because we’re New Zealand owned and supporting local, we’re not contributing to a larger carbon footprint through inbound oil freight, and we’re using imperfect fruit that would otherwise be considered a waste product, extracting the pure gold inside.”

With all varieties of olive oil increasingly difficult to find on the shelf as supply dwindles, Michael says he’s seen olive oil prices skyrocket in recent months. “Sometimes the shelf price has been double the usual RRP, and in other stores olive oil is completely unavailable. Our prices won’t change because we won’t run out of stock – there’s plenty – and we’re happy to channel this to the New Zealand consumer through our local retailers, and online via our website.”

The taste profile of extra virgin avocado oil is smooth and palatable, says Michael, without the bitterness that some olive oils can develop. It has a high smoke point and is ideal when cooking meat and seafood, for golden caramelisation.

Consuming avocado oil can contribute to improved heart, brain and joint health, cholesterol reduction, nutrient absorption – and Oscar winning actress Lupita Nyong’o uses it on her skin.

“It’s a wonderful product that, once tried, is likely to become a key part of Kiwis’ diet,” says Michael. “New Zealanders don’t need to suffer without beautiful, beneficial, premium local extra virgin oil. They just need to make the switch.”

Grove Extra Virgin Olive Oil is available at New Worlds, Countdown and selected Pak n Save stores around the country plus online at https://groveavocadooil.co.nz/

RRP $14 (250ml)


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