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The Chiller launches non-alcoholic cocktail bitters in NZ

From alcoholism and 3 Michelin stars, to sobriety and award-winning drinks, two former Sommeliers have created an award-winning 0% cocktail bitter brand, All The Bitter, and Kiwi non-alcoholic online drink store The Chiller are exclusively launching them to the New Zealand market this November.

Referred to as ‘liquid seasoning’, bitters have long been used to deliver a more complex and complete flavour to drinks. Traditional bitters contain more than 40% alcohol, meaning its inclusion in alcohol free beverages can easily cross the 0.5% ABV line. All The Bitter’s range of 0% cocktail bitters includes Aromatic, Orange, Lavender and New Orleans, each specifically designed to complement different drinks without the addition of alcohol.

“Great drinks don’t have to contain alcohol any more than great food must contain meat,” says The Chiller’s founder Amanda Boock. “With a dramatic rise in the number of non-drinkers and the lift in social pressure around alcohol, we’ve seen a demand for more variety and better quality.”

“You wouldn’t add bacon fat to your vegetarian meal, so why would you add alcoholic-bitters to your non-alcoholic cocktail?”, continues Boock. “It’s surprisingly easy to cross the 0.5% ABV line of a ‘non-alcoholic drink’ and for non-drinkers this lack of transparency is misleading. There is no doubt that Kiwis are cutting back on alcohol and are instead searching for premium drinks with quality ingredients.”

With 50 serves and a two-year shelf life, All The Bitter bitters are easy to use at home and a secret weapon for bars and restaurants. Aromatic bitters balance wines that are overly sweet and add depth to dark spirits. The New Orleans bitters elevate the fruit body of tart red wines, and Orange bitters are the perfect companion to gin-based cocktails, as well as white and sparkling wines, and light-flavoured beers. But they don’t just taste great, they are good for you too. Their functional herbs and adaptogens support digestion, liver health and detoxification, making them a popular tonic for digestive health.

“There’s no right or wrong. Add anywhere from 1-6 dashes, depending on your taste preference. They are also very low in calories with zero sugar – ideal to mix with soda water for a delightful 10 calorie summer spritz!”, Boock says.

Launched in 2022, The Chiller’s mission is to help Kiwis discover a life they love with less alcohol, and their drinks help Kiwis do just that! With a thoughtfully curated range of 150+ non-alcoholic wines, beers, spirits and cocktails, The Chiller stays on the pulse of consumer trends and drink innovation, ensuring the very best 0% options are available here in NZ.


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