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Te Mahi Ako and SCTNZ join forces to address NZ’s swim teacher shortage

In the face of a 15-20% shortfall in swim teachers nationwide, the demand for swimming lessons continues to surge, exacerbating concerns for water safety. With just over 1,000 swim teachers, the need for an additional 200 teachers has become pressing.

Daniel Fulton, President of SCTNZ, emphasised the profound impact swim teaching can have on individuals and communities. He noted, “I don’t think many people realise what a fulfilling and purposeful profession swim teaching is. It is a career that can be taken up at any age and life stage, gives people an income while managing other responsibilities such as family commitments, caring for others, or studying, while still providing pathways for progression and growth.”

“We need people from across our communities, perhaps they’ve been school teachers, and still want to actively participate in the learning profession, or have a background in early childhood education looking for a change in career, or looking to step away from the pressures of corporate life.”

Todd Maddock, acting CEO of Te Mahi Ako stated, “At Skills Active Te Mahi Ako, we are proud of our partnership with Swim Coaches and Teachers of New Zealand. Our joint efforts not only promote accessibility to qualifications but also contribute to fostering a highly skilled and qualified workforce, ultimately promoting the safety and enjoyment of aquatic activities for all.”

For those interested in pursuing a career in swim teaching or seeking to support their local swim school, SCTNZ encourages visiting their website (SCTNZ.com) to find a swim school in their area and explore the exciting opportunities available.


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