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StarJam faces closure without immediate support

StarJam, a leading nationwide not-for-profit organization dedicated to empowering young people facing challenges due to disability, is facing imminent closure unless it receives urgent financial support.

For 22 years, StarJam has been at the forefront of using music, dance, and performance to foster empowerment, inclusion, and wellbeing among young New Zealanders. However, the organization is now in a critical situation due to the escalating cost of living, increased operational expenses, and reduced funding streams.

“One in five young New Zealanders is living with a disability, equating to approximately 150,000 young people navigating significant barriers in their lives,” said Gilli Sinclair, CEO. “StarJam provides these young individuals with the opportunity to experience that ‘different doesn’t make you less,’ fostering a culture of celebration for individual uniqueness.”

Without immediate intervention, StarJam will be forced to suspend its vital workshops in just two weeks. This would have a devastating impact on the young participants who rely on these programs for personal growth, social connection, and creative expression.

To address this urgent situation, StarJam is launching an emergency appeal on Tuesday, 2 April, with the goal of raising $100,000 to keep its programs operational. The organization is seeking support from a small group of generous donors who understand the importance of empowering young people with disabilities and who are willing to make a meaningful difference in their lives.

“We are calling upon our community, supporters, and allies to stand with us during this challenging time,” added Gilli Sinclair. “Your contributions can help ensure that StarJam continues to be a beacon of hope, inclusion, and empowerment for young people across New Zealand.”


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